Panoramic Canvas Prints

When you think of your last vacation, what do you remember? Do you remember the beautiful beach and coastline? The grand view of snow capped mountains? The skyline of the city? With today’s technology, it is easy to preserve those images as beautiful panoramic canvas prints that will fill your wall and last for generations.

The technology of the past made it more difficult to get beautiful and dramatic panoramas. In order to make a panorama print you needed to use panoramic film and a camera that could use the panoramic film. Because of this, less people desired the added expense which also lead to less camera shops supplying the materials needed. The high resolution of cameras of today give enough information so most images can be cropped and turned into a panorama with the aid of Photoshop. If the image does not have the ability to do this, another option is to take multiple images that were taken in a sweeping motion and merge them together.

What are the benefits of a panoramic canvas print over a standard framed print? In general, images printed on canvas can have less resolution because the canvas “hides” some of these flaws. As a result, images can also be printed larger on canvas than they normally can be on a photo paper. The second big advantage is the final weight. A panoramic canvas gallery wrap can weigh anywhere from 3 to 10 times less than a framed print with glass. The obvious reason for the dramatic difference in weight is because there is less raw materials being used which also helps keep the price of a panoramic canvas print lower than a framed print. Third, the canvas texture helps give your image an artistic feel and even look like a painting from an old master. Lastly, a framed print does not have the same dimensionality that a canvas does.

Next time you walk through your house and see empty wall space, think about a panoramic canvas print. Just about every house has an empty wall that could nicely fit a vertical or horizontal panoramic image that is 8″x24″ or even 12″x36″.

Companies like The Photo Touch allow you to start filling your walls with high quality canvas prints at great prices.

Art Credit
“Golden Council” Panoramic Canvas Gallery Wrap by Dan Sawusch

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